Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cross Country Updates

Finally a great day for getting a lot of work done.  We managed to get a lot checked off the 'to do list'.  Almost all of the portables are in place excluding those that will be going in the hay fields, replaced a bunch of old logs (the rock gardens near stadium, the Prelim water, and a new Beginner Novice option at the water), added a rail on the down bank for Novice, added a big fat ground line on the bank out of the water & replaced some rotting supports for the log after the ditch for Prelim.  Unfortunately there still is so much to do but I feel like we're making progress.

The weather was fabulous and made for great working conditions.  Looks like the next couple of days will be great for getting a lot more done.  Anyone is welcome to come and pitch in ;)

  Here are some pics of today's work.
Beginner Novice Water Option

New Log for Prelim Water

Big Ground-line for the Bank out of the Water

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