Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dave's Big Idea Part 2

The Gazebo awaiting the roof.
Dave got two of the metal shelters done before the Sept event and although it did rain quite hard on Fri we didn't need them for rain protection during the event, thank goodness.  However they did come in handy for someplace to sit and watch either dressage or show jumping.  The gazebo looking one that is going to go do by the dressage warm up didn't get done in time for the event.  But Dave did manage to  finish framing it in during the event.

Now all Dave had to do was put the roof on.  Easier said than done.  Actually I really don't know as I wasn't home when it was done.  All I know is that after taking a few measurements to make sure the finished product would actually fit under the garage door Dave put the plan into action.  The plan was to attach a chain to the top of the inside of  metal building, drive the hay wagon with the top on it under the chain, attach it to a chain, hoist it up, pull the hay wagon out from under the top and pull the gazebo frame under it and lower it into place.

After the roof was unhooked from the chain
Waiting to be pulled out
Apparently it all went rather smoothly and of course no pictures because all hands were busy helping.  These pictures were taken after the job was done.

Since we got the grain bin from the Van Scoys we have dubbed the structures the VS 1, 2 and 3.  Since this was the last one built this is the VS 3.  It will serve as a place for the dressage volunteers and spectators who are in the warm up area to sit and stay out of the elements.  It was put in place before the hunter pace and it served as a jusge's stand for the recent jumper show and the VS 1(the first one built and near the dressage ring and stabling barn) was used as a secretary's stand.  The VS 1 was also used for the starters and scoring at the Hunter Pace the week before.  It  made for a comfortable place to set up a table and chairs and finally a place where you could actually see the computer screen ;)

Although I was rather skeptical when Dave told be about his "big idea" and even more so when the bin was so floppy when we took it apart; we have 3, albeit unusual looking, useful structures.

              Dave & the dogs checking out VS 3                 
For those who did not read the original post be sure to check out  Dave's Big Idea Part 1.   Knowing my husband; I'm sure I'll be reporting on future "big ideas" from Dave.          

The VS 3 in place by the dressage ring


  1. These structures are amazing use of recycled materials and we are thrilled at the outcome. I'm sure many people will enjoy sitting in the shade on a hot summer day! We may have laughed a lot when the project was first announced, but Dave has proved to be quite the visionary. Looking forward to more…surely there are more possibilities left to be moved from our farm to yours!

  2. So Cathy, what else would you like to Smith's to recycle?

  3. Hi:

    Michael has always said that if he had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, Dave would be the one person that he'd want to be there with him. He really is a very resourceful guy!

    Deb Busta

  4. Too funny Deb. But first we have to be on a ship together ;)