Sunday, April 1, 2012

Site Prep for the "Dome"

The mild winter and early spring has us a little ahead of schedule on the "dome" project.  For those who are unfamiliar with the "dome" project; it's basically it's a 100' diameter fiberglass water treatment plant top that we bought last fall to make into a large covered round pen.  The only catch is we need a 10' cement wall to mount the dome to.

Dave has contacted several contractors and the cost of the cement wall was quite a bit more expensive than we had anticipated but when we got a bid for several thousand dollars less we decided we better jump on it before the price goes up. The contractors came out last week to check out the site and the dome and said that they could pour the wall by the end of April. Since the weather has been cooperative and it's going to be a major earth moving job; Dave started preparing the site this weekend.  The east end of the site has be lowered and have that dirt pushed to the west side to get the entire area level.  But before beginning to level the ground Dave had to strip all the top soil and pile it out of the way..

Sadie playing queen of the mountain ;)

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