Sunday, February 16, 2014

The New Website & Blog

Three years ago I started the Stone Gate Farm 'blogs' as a supplement to the SGF website since I wasn't tech savvy enough to make updates on the website myself. It became increasingly difficult to keep the website up to date with the ever increasing additions and / or changes to the SGF schedule and activities and it was my hope that the blogs would bridge that gap.  Unfortunately it was a little confusing to have one thing on the website and something else on the blog.  It was very apparent that ALL the information need to be in ONE place & that place was the website.  As a result I decided it was time to get a website that I could maintain myself.  With the help of Emma Knight I now have that capability.  Many thanks to Jennifer Milliner who developed and maintained the original website for years.  Jennifer will continue to do the artwork for our horse trials program covers and other graphic art work that we may need.  For those of you who don't know, Jennifer has done the farm logo and the recent revision, the Area VIII logo and she has designed and maintains the NEOMTA website.  Be sure to check out the Milliner Concepts  for any of you graphics, website needs and much more.

The new SGF website is currently being updated but there is a lot of information to check out.  All the information regarding competition, clinic, and volunteer schedules etc will now be posted directly on the website.  You will also note on the Home page, in the right had column, the following: Upcoming Events: Latest News and Latest Blog.  This way you will have the latest information on the Home page to keep you up to speed.  You will note the there will still be blogs, but now the blogs will be used for the purpose of blogging about activities at the farm.  There will no longer be separate blogs for clinics & camp, volunteers or competitors; all the blogs will be on the SGF blog page and linked directly to the website. You will still be able to access the old blogs in case you're really bored some day and would like to check out some of the archived blogs ;).  Stay tuned as I will be blogging a little later today.

That's it for now ....THINK SPRING!!!!


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