Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Febuary Thaw

With the recent warm temps I've started walking around beginning to plan the cross country tracks for Winona.  I happened to have a camera with me and thought you might be interested in seeing what the Prelim ditch and creek crossing looks like after a big thaw.  The ditch is 4 poles deep BTW.

The picture to the right is looking east and the snow covered field in the background is the hay field where cross country starts in the spring and Prelim & Training finish.  The picture below is looking west.  By Fri most of the snow was melted. 

 All the snow must have come before the ground froze solid and insulated the ground because the tile lines were running a steady stream of close to 4".  With the wind Fri and Sat things are drying up quite nicely.  Too bad winter isn't over yet but this was a welcome reprieve from all the cold, snow and more recently the ICE.

The lack of ice and frozen ground found the four geldings running and bucking like wild men.  A lot of pent up energy and frustration.  Fortunately I had changed them from turnout blankets to sheets because they got pretty warm.  But not to worry, they found a good way of cooling off ! ;)

Stay tuned, we have some big plans to unveil soon.                                                                                         

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