Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Projects for the Fall Event.

Although the fall horse trials is a little more than a month away; we're busy getting things ready for the event.  Kyle has taken on the project of stripping all the old paint off the Preliminary Barn so it can get a new paint job and a SGF Logo on the roof.  I don't think he realized how long it was going to take, but he's doing a great job and all his efforts will result in a longer lasting paint job.

While Kyle is working on a cross country fence, Laura has been busy designing 2 new fences for show jumping.  One is going to be the Golden Gate Bridge with a liverpool under it for Training and Prelim with an option of the waves framed by the sail boats.  The old canoe which was on the Novice cross country course is getting reincarnated and coming back as a sail boat ;)

Kevin and Laura working on converting the canoe to a sailboat

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